Dapp game for EVERYONE

No more wallet,
You don't need to know cryptocurrency or blockchain to get started...

Based on the Binance Smart Chain.

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Game assets are fully owned by the players. The official has no right to modify the data, This game can't cheat.


Arina Hunters based on the Ethereum blockchain, running on new BSC blockchain, let game have no delay.


All actions use smart contract records and calculations,no game server assistance.


Millions of NPCs are stored in tokens.Every NPC has its own character data and game assets.

Open World

Game assets and characters can communicate with other game smart contract.

Decentralized AI

Player helps the AI verify the game behavior.and player gets incentive like Ethereum mining.

Side-chain for Ethereum, Do more with Dapps



Adventure never stops

.Craft your artifact with hundreds of materials

.Kill specific mobs to get rewards in BNB

.Transfer from Arina Landtycoon materials X 10

.Create your character in 10 different races.

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Account Type

(Official sale in December 2021)

Brave One FREE
    Normal EXP
    Normal Loot
    Bronze medal when kill Boss
    Level 65 Cap
Hunters 1BNB
    10X EXP
    Loot probability increase
    Golden medal when kill Boss
    Level 65 Cap
    Level 80 Cap
    and more...


What is the medal used for?

The medals can be exchange prize from winning pool.
Goldden medal exchange rate is 1/100,
Silver medal exchange rate is 1/1000,
When player achieve Level 50,
Level up need 1 Bronze medal.
When player achieve Level 65,
Lext level up need 1 Silver medal.
When player achieve Level 80,
Lext level up need 1 Goldden medal.

Can I upgrade my Brave one account to Adventurer or Hunters?

No, You need to create a new account for new character.
Mainly to maintain the fairness of the game.

If I play Arina hunters for free, do I need ETH for gas?

No need!
Although this game is based on the Ethereum blockchain,
But Arina Hunters actually run on the side-chain,
This side-chain is Binance Smart Chain,
every can play Dapp on BSC for 0 gas.

Can I transfer game assets to my friend's address?

Yes, You can transfer all token assets to any address,
except your character Erc-721 token,
character token cannot be transfer.

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